Sunday, October 09, 2005

Anti-thermal paint disguises heat-signatures

A Greek company called Intermat sells "anti-thermal/IR coatings" -- paints and make-up creams that confuse heat-signatures so that soldiers and materiel don't show up on heat-sensing scopes:

* You cannot afford to be Visible in IR
* From now on your enemy is Thermally Identifiable but you are not
* You are Protected from thermal threat
* You now have the flexibility to Adapt to the IR environment
* A Sustainable advantage for you, that is
* A technologically advanced yet low cost Force Multiplier. Exploit it
* Because camouflage and deception are now taken one step Further. A new Era of camouflage has now begun
* Erase your assets… Let your enemy wonder...

Intermat is widely known for being the only company that exclusively provides thermal signature management. All anti-thermal coatings are state-of-the-art that have been developed after many years of R&D. Applicable at the wide IR spectrum of 400 –20.000nm they perfectly conceal against thermal observation and protect you from heat-seeking weapon systems.


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