Monday, September 05, 2005

So What?

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor day off. No? Well, me neither.


Yeah, fun.

Anyway, last Sunday my father and I were putting brakes on my sisters car. Yeah, I know. Everything was going really good. Until my father handed me the hose to the air compressor. I promptly pointed it at the read drum and pulled the trigger.

"Wait", I heard my father say.

Too late.

Picture this; I'm standing above the drum with a cloud of brake dust forming around me. (No it did not contain Asbestos.)

Deep Breath.

HA! Didn't even sneeze.

We finished the day with the Drivers front brake.

Monday 1100 Hours

I hop in the car to test the brakes.







This way.

That way.



No more squeaks and good petal. Time for a road test.
I pull out of the drive and hit about 15mph when, SCREECH.

I am sure everyone has heard a sound that made their blood curdle.


After a quick turn around I am back in the drive.

Within a minute I have the DRIVERS SIDE FRONT wheel off.

Immediately I see the problem. Coat hanger. Yes, a coat hanger. What we used to hold the caliper out of the way.

With the wheel back on I try again.


Thinking the problem is the dust shield. I park the car.

Three days later someone gets time to look at the car.

My father finds the problem with the dust shield and with a tap from the hammer problem solved.

The whole time he is doing this I am thinking, "If I had just lost my temper instead of staying cool I would of eventually found the hammer and beat the shit out of that tire, wheel, caliper, and/or rotor and maybe I would have hit the dust shield."

Stupid Car.

Monday. 1000 hours.

I wake with a headache. Not a normal headache the one that feels like your head is in a vice headache. Sinus infection. Err. (What to take a guess what or where I got that from?)

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