Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tuesday Links.

  1. For all the alcoholics out there.
  2. Starship Dimensions (Uber Cool)
  4. I didn't need to know this.
  5. 200 things you may not know
  6. You are a computer geek if..
  7. Self defense strikes.
  8. How To.
  9. Why I will never have a girl friend.
#6 These are the ones that REALLY apply.
  • you email yourself notes rather than writing them...
  • ...and you justify the advantages of doing do
  • ...and you actually reply to the note.
  • your computer costs more and runs better than your car
  • you've gutted and rebuilt your computer 5 times since you last changed the oil in your car.
  • your computer chair has the permanent and stiff indentation of your butt in it
  • the only tan you've ever acquired comes from your monitor
  • the number of computers in your house exceeds the number of relationships you've had in your lifetime.
  • you use old CD-ROMs as coasters...

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