Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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I HATE the French. You know, just for the record.

  1. Armstrong's Deceit and Cycling's Culture of Complicity
  1. The Lie of Lance Armstrong

AND the Germans.
  1. Katrina Should be a Lesson to US on Global Warming

And some other random links.

Wounded and Sought By U.S. Forces, Italians Gave Medical Care to Iraqi Terrorists

The Photos Washington Doesn’t Want You to See.

In 2020, America Will Still Dominate Global Economy

America Pays the Price for Democracy - At the Pump

Saddam's Trap Closes on George W.

Kim Jong-il Regime Calls for End of U.S.-Led War Games

And my favorite.

U.S. Forces Trade Humvees for Donkeys

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