Friday, August 12, 2005

Bring on the Hate.

There seems to be a rash (two) of hate full comments posted on my blog. Oddly enough both posts were since I installed Haloscan and were track-backed from other blogs. This leads me to believe that track-back is 100% successful at bringing in the hate. So lets have some fun with the unlucky bastards.

Bush is a visionairy guy. he spends all his time in vacation and lets the rednecks like you guys do all the work. And you're too dumb to realise it, you're even supporting him. I don't understand the democrats when they keep trying to make life better for the little guy while the little guy keeps voting on the dumbshit party. All rich democrats, like me, should join the rich republicans at the side of the pool and let the idiots like you continue eating dirt and working crappy jobs. The usa has always been this way, so why vote democrat and change that.

Mr. Rik,

I would like to thank you for that insightful comment. Please learn to spell and work on that grammar.


Your Lord and Master (If you don’t get it watch this.)

Tyler D.

On to Number two…

you have the most painfully boring website

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