Friday, August 05, 2005

Blog Family Tree.

I have noticed that I have been blogging for a little over six months now and I have never really explained why I do this and who actually got me into blogging. So I will try and setup a makeshift bloggers family tree.

Blog Father - Frank J. -The First blog I came across. One of my local radio talk show hosts thought it was a hoot so I went and have never looked back.

Blog Mother - SarahK -This just happens to be the second blog which graced my computer screen. That and other obvious reasons.

Blog Uncle - G. Reynolds -He is like that Uncle that everyone knows, but doesnÂ’t want around. (I hope I get linked before I die.)

Blog Uncle - Vilmar -I was a big fan of his rants when he was over at BMEWS. Now that he has his own blog where I provide constant (unwanted) harassment.

Blog Brother - Dr. Phat Tony - I would not know about him if it wasn't for the near constant harassment in the IMAO comments.

Blog Brother - CUG - Again, I would not know him if it wasn't for the near constant harassment over at IMAO.

Blog Brother - Damian G. - Yet again, I would not know him if it wasn't for the constant harassment from CUG.

Blog Brother - Andrew - Blog Brother from the Left Coast.

Blog Sister - Uber - Phat Tony, CUG, and Damian linked so did I. ( I felt left out.)

Blog Brother - Wyatt Earp - Yankee Pig. :)

I don't think I left anyone out.

Update: Blog Aunt and Uncle - Mae and Joe - Sorry forgot.


Dr. Phat Tony said...

What a disfunctional family we have.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Thanks, Tyler!
You are definitely part of the family.
Let's go out and shoot some trolls sometime! ;)

Uber said...

So...are we ALL the b*stard children of IMAO...or not? lol

Tyler said...

This is just from my perspective. The blog parents being the reason I started blogging.

Andrew said...

Thanks for including me. It means a lot.

Vilmar said...

Thanks, Tyler!

I appreciate being considered one of the family.

Wyatt said...

Thanks Tyler! I agree with Doc - we really have a f**ked up family.

The Yankee Pig :)

Uber said...

Tyler-gotcha, I started blogging in direct relation to IMAO...I was just wondering how many of us there are...we could pull a coup or at least demand recognition (read- give Frank headaches) or something. lol