Sunday, July 24, 2005


Yesterday I received my Ubuntu discs. It's Linux that's so totally free.
I have been trying to install it on a computer that has been just sitting around the house, and I have not been successful. I think it's a hardware issue and not the software. The live CD's work great but are slow. I may install Ubuntu on a second hard drive and run two operating systems from my primary computer.

So go get your free copies today.


Anonymous said...

i take it you're not really savvy with pc hardware or something. I installed Unbuntu on one of my systems in what seemed to be a miniscule amount of time. Pay attention to the details and your problems will be solved from within.

Tyler said...

"I take it you're not really savvy with pc hardware or something."

Them there are fighting words to a computer nerd.

The computer is crap; it can't find the video driver software. So, it can't display the normal look of Ubuntu. It reverts back to the text version.


However, the live cd works on said compter?