Thursday, July 28, 2005

This is Total Crap and it has Gotten Out of Control.

I am sure everyone know about the "Hot Coffee" video in Grand theft Auto: San Andreas. And that most retail stores have stopped carrying the game. Eventhough that this game and this are still carried?

In a fit of curiosity, I tried to find the mod and video. Most of the video sites did not have it listed. And I know that I have seen it there. Afterall they have had a lot worse stuff on there.

So I started on my merry searching way...

Take-Two Interactive, confirmed that its advertising practices were indeed the subject of a Federal Trade Commission inquiry. On Monday, the US House of Representatives
voted overwhelmingly in favor of such an investigation. Specifically, the FTC's Division of Advertising Practice is looking into how San Andreas was promoted, and to whom, to determine if Take-Two was culpable in misleading the public.

I find it absolutely amazing that our elected leaders can agree to investigate a f***ing video game, but can't do ANYTHING ELSE. Funny, but not really.

On a side note, I hate the Clinton's.

Then I come across this, and start to wonder?

If the Sims is WORSE... WTF? (This is just to funny. So setup.)

Larger company, larger payoffs I guess.

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Do you feel that Grand Theft Auto has adversely affected you? If the answer is yes, please fill out the following form.

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Andrew said...

It seems the decency police pull this stunt every decade. In the eighties it was music. In the nineties it was TV. And now it is video games. Also, Clinton has an ulterior(sp?) motive. In order to appeal to us conservatives who place an emphasis on moral values, she is focusing on cleaning up the streets and making America more "decent." Frankly, I think this all just seems too much like McCarthyism and censorship.