Thursday, July 14, 2005


How many people watch the Discovery Channels Mythbusters?

One, two.

Two, okay.

Well, last night they were testing the myth that water is a good defense against bullets.

I didn't get to see the handgun tests and the shotgun test, but the results were;

The slower the velocity the more likely they were to make it deeper in the water.

However, the .223, 30cal, and 50cal did absolutely NOTHING AT THREE FEET
at a 30 degree angle. (All supersonic rounds)

I will have to catch a replay to get all the facts.

Something else: Even though they are in San Francisco guns didn't bother them one bit (Well, not Jamie).

Even in the ballistics tests (previous episode), the entire casts gets in there and fires off a few dozen automatic rounds.

Update: there is a company that makes a round for this purpose.

Update: It Comes in Pints has the full story.


Andrew said...

That hydrodynamic round looks pretty fiersome. Did you see the episode when they tested the ice bullet myth. That was pretty cool.

Dr. Phat Tony said...

At a further distance the bulets probably wouldn't break up like that. Remember that water doesn't compress so unless it's moving at a slower speed it's like shooting at a brick.