Monday, July 11, 2005

Have you had one of those days?

It seems as if this blog has turned into an outlet for me to vent my Toyota induced anger.


Well, Friday my sister was out running errands with my father. He threw his back out the previous day and needed to get a few things to help out with the pain.

First stop the Chiropractor. Pulling up to the door in a very tight parking lot, my father hobbles out of the car and into the office.

No more than ten minutes later they emerge and go on their marry way.

Second stop Medication. Setting in the turn lane waiting to pull in the parking lot and…WAM!!!!!!!!

She gets rear ended.

It apparently wasn't bad enough for my father to even call the cops and report the accident.

My sister, being so mad she could piss acid, calls me.

A few minutes later my grandfather, mother, and I are standing there photographing the damage.

My sister is still visibly pissed. Not at the fact that she was in her first car accident, but that daddy-o did dick about it.



My mother calls the police to report the accident.

My father informs her that he told the lady it wasn’t too bad. And that she could go.

I jump down his throat… so does everyone else.

The police arrive and we inform him of the recent information we have received.

A really nice guy gives my sister a pep talk and how she didn’t do anything wrong, and none of it was her fault.

While he is getting back into his car, I notice something.

There is beige paint on the passenger side rear quarter panel.

Wait a minute, the car that hit her was a blue SUV? WTF??

Turns out she was hit at the chiropractor’s office by a beige van.


I don’t subscribe to luck.

Curses are different.

This little car is cursed. Engine problems, tree, and two car accidents in ONE day.

It’s not that the car was destroyed, it wasn’t, but there needed to be a police report.


The newest damage to the car may throw off the estimate for the older damage to the car.

Stupid car.


Dr. Phat Tony said...

Maybe it's those damn japanese taking out their pent up agression over the a-bombs on your sister.

Anonymous said...

WOW, when you put it that way... I was put through hell that day. Well, my car was! At least now I know what to do if I'm in an accident, *worsser* than that!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Might I suggest one of our fine, American made, union autos? ;)

I AM an unbiased opinion, you know.