Wednesday, June 29, 2005

You Know What, F*** Toyota!!!

Everyone remember my little problem a few weeks back dealing with my sisters and my car?


Well, guess what?

A tree fell on my sisterÂ’s car on Friday. It wasn't a big tree, but it did f*** it up a little. Yeah, little enough to require body work on %50 of the car and a complete repaint.

All $2500. Shit!

All that for a $2000 car. Hey, I wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't a steal. It WAS in great shape.

Mine, is...well... F#*$ed up also. Friday I went out and purchased a new thermostat, coolant, oil pan gasket, and serpentine belts. I was going to make a weekend project out of it.

I got the belt on easy enough, but I couldn't get the oil pan off. It must be fried on. Might as well let the dealer handle this. You know, if it isn't over a $100. Because I only paid $3 for the part.

By my math thatÂ’s $3 times three for labor = $12

Plus oil and filter = $18

for a grand total of = $32.40 (remember my math.)

Well, the guy that they took it to said $268 just for the gasket replacement.

Yes, the same guy that they got such a good deal out of the last time.

But wait, it isn't the leaky seal thatÂ’s leaking it's the rear main seal in the engine? WTF!?
Isn't that the same thing?


Hold on, it's been 100k since your last tune up so letÂ’s add $454 for the tune up. :O

AND $303 for the Cv joints because we feel like it. (Those bastards were replaced F***ing 16 months ago they are not bad DAMNIT!!!)

Total cost for mine = around $1500
Shit at this rate they might as well check the rack and pinion for leaks because that is only a year old.


I swear my next car will be factory fresh. None of this used car bull shit.

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