Friday, June 17, 2005

Turban Durbin.

This is an update post to yesterdays Dick(head) Durbin post.

Vilmar has so newer stuff on "The Dick".

Michelle Malkin has her usual boat load of links.

And the Best of the Web.

And remember you can contact the "senator" @

Phone: (202) 224-2152 or (312) 353-4952


Look at this;

"Following those remarks, the Illinois senator clarified that he was not comparing U.S. soldiers to Pol Pot, Nazis or Soviet guards, but was "attributing this form of interrogation to repressive regimes such as those that I note"

WTF? Does that not mean that he is.

Here is a PDF. file of his Comments.

Here is a good reminder for the senator.

A second (Graphic) reminer for the senator from the Jawa report.

Al Jazeera Loves the senator.

More from Jawa.

I think the Captain is on to something and John in Carolina is too.

UPDATE: Durbin is blaming the RIGHT WING MEDIA?!

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