Thursday, June 02, 2005

This always happens.


In the last 12 hours I have been hit with two trojans and a possible virus.

It has really shit up my computer.

Any firewalls, virus scans, or other software that aids in the prevention of this should be updated now.

Now to fix this damn dell again.

On a side note: I can't wait to B. (org) Gates takes a long dirt nap so I can piss on his grave!!!

UPDATE: I now have to use a different computer to do anything online. The virus is disguised as an administrator or information account from your mail provider. (,, etc) There is no need to mess with the attachment on this one; it is set to open when the E-mail is opened. I had a total of 9 in all my mail accounts. Needless to say, I had to only click one.

In the last 7 hours the computer hasn't been touched, it has been in sleep mode. There are 13 new programs, 28 Internet Explorer windows open (6 were playing videos), and NO ADMINISTRATOR ACCESS GRANTED to me in any of the control consoles.

The son of a bitch disables your firewall first then your anti-virus software. I can’t save anything that was on it. But I am lucky; I just installed a new hard drive Saturday so there wasn’t much on it.

Just all my saves game files from: The Sims 2, FarCry, Doom, HL2, C&C Generals, Sim City 4, and Starcraft.

I am not really pissed.

I am really, really pissed.

It is going to be a long night.

48 programs to reinstall, 2 operating systems, and a shit load of other crap.

I feel happy, oh so happy.


moehawk said...

OT, but your sidebar looks nice!

please don't email me....:)

thanks for the heads-up on the virus. i usually don't open any email if i am not expecting it, but i might have opened one from my "service provider" before i read about this problem.

Housewife said...

I think I had the same bug. I reported it to Knology and everything else you are supposed to do with a virus bug. Thankfully nothing on my computer was "messed with". Not yet anyway.

Blogging from Madison, your neighbor.

Housewife said...

Hey, wanted to give you a heads up about fraud email I'm receiving from ebay and most importantly, PayPal. They are sending out emails to me saying my account is "suspended" because someone from a foreign IP addressed tried to contact my accounts. Well, I did NOT go log in and give out my password. I first contacted the "real" PayPal and of course my account was NOT suspended. So beware!!!