Wednesday, June 01, 2005

HA, I knew there would be pictures.

When ever the koran-gate story broke, I was begging for pictures and here they are.

Remember the ForsaketheTroops asshole, well somebody got him good.

His name; Silent Mike and isn't he a treat.

Here is his personal site. I would see about a login so ALL can pay him a visit. BWHAHAHAHA!!!
But, I would really hate to be near anything he has ever touched, looked at, owns, etc.

Here is some more on the SOB.

Update: My ZabaSearch didn't find anything.


BULLSEYE said...

I did a post on this asshole a while back. The way I see it, it's just a matter of time before someone pulls the trigger and drops the hammer on this squirmy little piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Tyler, I've had his number for a while. Allan and Vilmar did an "expose" of this slug last year.
Just a few weeks back I fell for an "announcement" on "foraske" that Crook had been attacked and died.
After posting about it I discovered that Crook himself had posted the info -and had to issue an apology.
What a %^&@#$% prize he is.*sigh*

Tyler said...

Yeah, but ain't he a looker though?