Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Alabama Gas Price Forum.

Yesterday I posted on the weird flux in oil prices and what you end up paying (getting shafted) at the pump. Most of my information came from Alabamagasprices.com and I am starting to think that was a bad source. If most people are as dumb as the people in the forum, then Alabama is truly the stupidest state in the Union.

For example, this gem is in the Gas mileage forum;

I was wondering as I was going down a hill in 2nd gear if I was using up more gas in a lower gear than if I was to put it in drive or neutral and use the brakes.

Okay, you are going down hill. There is no input upon the accelerator, so there is no more fuel used than what would be used idling.

Next one;

Now that the hot summer weather is fast approaching, I found it fitting that on The Discovery channel the other night, the show MythBusters was on and they did a segment on AC vs windows down, which uses more gas.
They took 2 identical 2005 Ford Explorers to a 1/2 mile test track, and drained the gas. They then put exactly 5 gallons of gas in each. Then they both started the engines at the same time and Explorer #1 had all the windows up and the AC on high, and Explorer #2 had the AC off and all 4 windows wide open. They both then drove around the track with the cruse control set at 45 mph. Explorer #1 ran out of gas first, and Explorer #2 was able to go around the track 30 (15 Miles) more times after Explorer #1 stopped.
Point being that although you don't get the best gas mileage with the windows open, you do get better gas mileage than running the AC.

I canĂ‚’t fault this one. Marvin has done his/her homework.

Number three;

Treble; Does anyone remember the 55 mph speed limit? Is it just a foggy memory lost somewhere is the smoke from your exhaust? Does anybody remember why we had a 55 mph speed limit? Well, it was so that we could conserve fuel and so we would not be so dependent on OPEC. That idea was forgotten long ago. The fact is that the faster you drive over 60 mph, the lower you gas mileage will be. It is, besides the weight of the car, the primary factor in gas mileage. It is also the most important factor under the control of the driver. Bring back the 55 mph speed limit!

Other then the fact he/she is a moron I will go into the, somewhat, more scientific arena. One, cars of that era were not designed to run above, say, 70mph all day. They simply were not geared for it. Two, cars today are extremely aerodynamic compared to the cars of yester year. (Notice I said cars.) Three, If you feel you need to save the environment by doing 55 mph on the interstate, then by all means go ahead. I don't want to hear it when that 18 wheeler hits you at 85 mph.

One, Two, Three, FOUR!!

They're cheap to buy and cheap to drive! Reverse-status symbol, the VW Beetle of the new millenniumum!

Do I have to even say anything?


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I've been to Bama several times on businees, and found most of the people there polite, friendly, and reasonably intellegent.

Maybe this group was just a bad sample.

I sincerely doubt you're the dumbest state in the union, as you have not repeatedly elected Ted Kennedy as one of your Senators.

moehawk said...

OT, but congratulations on your Mammal status!

i told you you'd evolve....:)

moehawk said...

oh yeah...when are you going to put Old Glory on your sidebar so i can tell William Teach and he can add you to the American Flag League?

just wonderin'....