Monday, May 09, 2005

Time for the news.

What has happened today? Nothing really.

However, I did (finally) get a job. (Thanks Uncle Darrell!)

It is some apprentice program with a government contractor out on our local Army base. I am one of two who were accepted. I was told that a couple hundred applied for the jobs.

I am scheduled to start the 6th of June, but they have said the might get me on early. (I.E. next week.)

Yep, this is a full-blown 9 to 5er, or 8 to 4er, or 6 to 3er. I don’t really know yet.

All I really know is that all I make WILL be tax-free. Hehehe!
(I am a full time student. Duh!)

It may only last for the summer, but if I don’t F*** it up I may end up full time all the time.

Now for my regular 2 P.M. wakeup to change to 6 A.M. (This just may kill me.)

And to think I am considering joining the Air Force when college is up. (Their wake up time being at 5 A.M.)

1 comment:

moehawk said...

congrats on the new job!

and, from a chef that has worked the dinner shift for most of my career, the few times i had a breakfast job it was tough to make the sleep-cycle shift.

but not impossible. good luck.