Monday, May 16, 2005

Okay I've had it.

I happen to be a big fan of the Sci-Fi Channels BattleStar Galactica. Yes, it can be a little off the wall, it can be a little graphic, but that just happens to be why I watch it (Think The Shield).

Also, I may be a conservative thinker by nature, but that doesn't mean I disapprove of everything I see that could be the slightest offensive.

Case in point this weeks issue of Science Fiction Weekly:

Timothy Mogan

BSG Doesn't Need to Be Kid-Friendly I s it just me or have the right-wing moralists gotten too big for themselves? I feel they have. Case in point. Julie Bicking letter "Bad Language Leads to Anarchy". She calls Steve Martinovich ("Swearing Is the Stuff of Life") a hypocrite. I find her just as bad a one. Instead of boycotting Battlestar Galactica because it offends her, and reading a sci-fi book that does not, or going to another show she finds up to her standards, she wants to make it a kid-friendly show. Why does all sci-fi have to be a kiddie show to her and others like her? One other way to solve this, and Julie Bicking does not mind editing shows, why not talk to CleanFlicks, or other editing companies about editing shows of the offending bits? In this way she can have her morally unoffending show and leave the rest with the show the way it is.

I happen to agree that Mrs. Bicking is a little prude when it comes to the graphic nature of BSG. But, why should someone else dictate the nature of a TV show when the ratings are good and it seems that more than a few people enjoy the show for what it is.

Oh, since when has the smallest thing become a political rivalry or an I just seeing the light when it comes to these people?

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