Thursday, May 05, 2005

Bill dies a horrible death.

I know what you were thinking.

William Shatner is still with us folks. Calm down.

Thanks to American Housewife for finding this.

Things that did not pass in the Alabama Legislature on Tuesday.

-Changed the mandatory attendance age in Alabama schools from 7 to 5 and from 16 to 18.

-Prevented anyone under 18 from renting or buying some violent and sexually graphic video games.

-Required the use of booster seats in cars for children who weigh less than 80 pounds. (Actually my psychology teacher says this is law already.!!Lib!! take it for what its worth.)

-Allowed teachers to mention alternative theories when discussing issues like evolution without fear of losing their jobs.

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Anonymous said...

What about 4 year old first graders and 17 year old graduates?