Monday, April 18, 2005

Gun stuff of the day.

It seems that Barrett Firearms has had it with CalEforna. Jerry the Geek has a better run down here and here.

A very good article at A Human Right.

Overreaction at its best.

Carnival of Cordite #9


Anonymous said...

Good for Barrett. As a small producer in a niche market, he still has freedom to do that. Considering that his core customers are probably solid 2nd supporters, this will probable help his business more than it hurts.

It would really be interesting to see a S&W, or Ruger, do the same.

Jerry The Geek said...

Thanx for picking up on my Barrett commentary through the Carnival of Cordite.

I've browsed through your website; looks interesting. I've added it to my blogroll.

During my browsing, I noticed you included a recent blog about ugly cars. It's hard to choose just a couple of ugly cars, considering how many of them are on the road today. (I miss fins!)

May I draw your attention to what is arguably "The Ugliest Car In The World!" It's a one-off made 50 years ago, which was found in the backlot of a repair shop and renovated over a 12-year period by a British afficianado. It's hard to tell why.

You can see what it looks like at:

Jerry The Geek said...

Sorry, the end of the URL was truncated. The last index should be ".html", not ".ht" You'll have to paste those last two letters on the end)