Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Are you ready for this?

I decided to hit the blog early today, because I have a research project due and wont have time to touch a computer. So here I go.

1) Want to know how to hack a coke machine.

2) Go ahead wack your boss.

3) A super high resolution image.

4) For those who hate Wal-Mart!

5) Evil clown generator.

6) I have a Mercedes G-500 for sale. A minor scrach on the passanger finder.

7) One of the best painters in the world.

8) Beat the crap out of that 404 file not found.

9) Stupid computer idiots.

(WARNING! If you don't like blood don't look!)
10) I have seen many things that have been hit by cars. None that just explode.


moehawk said...

that last one had to have hurt.

the rest were funny.

moehawk said...

oh yeah...#7 is phenomenal..haven't ever heard of her before tonight.

she has a bright future ahead of her. pray that she takes the right onramps.