Wednesday, March 30, 2005

This would be the only American car I really like. Posted by Hello


dodgeman said...

Guy down the street actually has one of these, a '68 Z28 with the 302 V8. Blue with white stripes, super-mint condition. Unfortunately, he was driving home somewhat drunk (stupidly), trying to show off, missed a gear and over-revved the engine. Blew a piston out. He can save the heads, but the block is trashed. Try finding an original high output Chevy 302 these days. He's screwed.

Very photogenic car, however.

Tyler D. said...

I only like it because there happens to be one in the garage. Granted, it isn't as spectacular as a Z/28 or COPO but it's mine and I like it.

My Spec: 307, TH-350, Blue(int), Blue(ext), 130K Miles.

dodgeman said...

Hey, any classic is cool. I'm just glad GT4 has more American Iron than GT3.

I have a '67 Dodge Coronet myself. The GT2 game has a Plymouth GTX (same body) so I can somewhat enjoy a video race with my car.

Still haven't messed with the photo mode on GT4, too busy fighting for game time with the kids. What little time I get I spend racing.