Wednesday, March 30, 2005

This would be the only American car I really like. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Guy down the street actually has one of these, a '68 Z28 with the 302 V8. Blue with white stripes, super-mint condition. Unfortunately, he was driving home somewhat drunk (stupidly), trying to show off, missed a gear and over-revved the engine. Blew a piston out. He can save the heads, but the block is trashed. Try finding an original high output Chevy 302 these days. He's screwed.

Very photogenic car, however.

Tyler said...

I only like it because there happens to be one in the garage. Granted, it isn't as spectacular as a Z/28 or COPO but it's mine and I like it.

My Spec: 307, TH-350, Blue(int), Blue(ext), 130K Miles.

Anonymous said...

Hey, any classic is cool. I'm just glad GT4 has more American Iron than GT3.

I have a '67 Dodge Coronet myself. The GT2 game has a Plymouth GTX (same body) so I can somewhat enjoy a video race with my car.

Still haven't messed with the photo mode on GT4, too busy fighting for game time with the kids. What little time I get I spend racing.