Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A sucky week.

On Friday of last week my sister purchased the newest Sims expansion pack and installed it on my computer. As with all games it prompts for a restart after install, i did. Low and behold it wouldn't let me log in to my administrator account. (Did you know that there are 123 variations or misspellings of Springfield armory?) Well, after a few emails to dell and contacting some other computer geeks I finally just ran a repair of windows and created a second administrator account. This one had no password access and just bypassed the password. Keep in mind I haven't been on my computer for about four days! After i fixed some of the other problems I ran into AOL (I know) is, well... DAMN SLOW! Cnet rates my current Internet connection at 8.5kbps. Comcast high speed Internet this week people.

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