Thursday, February 24, 2005


Grand Turismo 4 Rocks! First Car a '92 Mit Evolution. I am getting my butt kicked.

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Anonymous said...

GT4 is consuming all my evenings. If you played GT3, just transfer credits and buy a real car. I'm sticking with the Pontiac GTO, Ford Mustang, and Dodge SRT-4. So far my SRT-4 is kicking A on the rally stages, and the Goat is major-league bad.

Oh yeah, I got a USA thing going on. My kids are way ahead of me on the game, but then they drive all that Jap trash that I refuse to touch (except for the Honda S2000, that's another cool ride). Can't wait to win some of the antiques.

The best thing about GT2 is that they have a copy of my '67 Dodge that I can race. Yeehaw.